Thursday, 11 August 2016

Good evening folks.

So I'm on my way to Warwickshire and the home of Mr Shakespeare.....

...well, I'm actually en route to Worcester, my home town, where I will be staying with my dear mum and dad for the next couple of nights.

Tomorrow I have an early start filming in Shakespeare's birthplace. I've been granted special permission to film a section of my walk in the garden and house in Henley Street where Shakespeare was born. I have to be there at 8am before the house opens, and have been pouring over my filming script on the train this evening. After the house opens I am then interviewing Dr Anjna Chouhan from the Trust, again for the film.

My hope with the film to make not so much a diary of the walk but try to place our Will in the context of the journey that he would have made. To that end I've also been granted access to film in the Painted Room of the former Crown Tavern in Oxford, where Will apparently slept!

As you know the walk proper starts on. Saturday so once filming duties are done it will be a little R&R with Ma and Pa, followed by an early night.

Thank you to everyone who have sent such kind and thoughtful messages of support for the walk - I particular like the advice of wrapping your feet in Duck Tape to avoid blisters...apparently works a treat!!

By the by, a lovely bonus this evening whilst waiting to change trains at Reading, I bumped into my Bard-brother the fabulous actor Ben Ashton! Ben has worked for GSC a number of times usually playing my brother of some kind, and with one of us normally having to the kill the other in the final scene; last time I won playing Edgar to Ben's Edmund in King Lear last winter. Ben also played Hamlet, Richmond in Richard III and Malcolm in Macbeth...we were also witches in Maccers, but we keep that under wraps ;-)

...and as I pull into Gloucester I will say adieu, until the 'morrow! (When hopefully I've worked out how to add photos to this blog on an, Grrrrr)

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