Friday, 6 May 2016

That was a fast one!

My walk this morning I mean! Though I just did my usual 6.5 miles from home to GSC HQ, I managed it 15 mins quicker than usual!! Weirdly I could actually feel myself walking faster...maybe it was the new walking jersey I have, or maybe the new water bottle I purchased, or maybe just the return of getting some sleep now that the Birthday Bash and Sonnet Walks are over!!

A lovely walk though on which I spotted:

and a bulldog, whose facial expression was very similar to the little boy's in the push-chair that he was tethered to.

It really was a gorgeous morning and this blossom caught my attention in particular

By the way, if you were in a car on the A320 this morning and saw a chap singing away to his heart's content with his headphones on that was me - there's nothing better than singing out loud and not caring if anyone can hear you. The same goes for learning lines - I love getting outside and learning my lines in the open air. After all these (the words, the phrases) are the tools Shakespeare gave his actors to tell the story and convey the characters' feelings and thoughts - they have been chosen and put together in a certain way to make the best of the open-air setting - so where better to learn 'em! (in the words of Mr Toad).

Tomorrow it's a production meeting for Much Ado, yesterday it was day 3 of Grimms Tales Research and Development, today I've been collating items for our Muse of Fire Exhibition in's all go go go!

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