Thursday, 10 March 2016

2nd 6.5 mile walk

Today I completed my 2nd long walk in my 2nd week of training.

To recap...I started my training on 1 March last week (blog wasn't up then - was still post Winter's Tale), which is a 16-week training programme designed for long-distance walkers.

For the first 6 weeks you do 1 x 2 hour walk per week and 2 x 30 mins walk. Now, as I don't own a car and walk everywhere I am hoping that my body will already be prepared for doing a bit of walking, and not have a massive reaction to the thought of put one foot in front of the other. For example, when on holiday - or in London for that matter - I never take a tube or public transport unless I'm going completely out of the way. Not only is this cheaper on the pocket (ah the life of a strolling player!) but also you get to see so much more of the place you are in.

...and it proved so on 1 March...on my first walk from Woking to Guildford (my weekly 2 hour walk) I met a Gruffalo, a Gnome, Batman and a fairy, which I named to myself was 8.15am and these little folk also had satchels and 'shining morning faces'...I wonder if their teacher was dressed up as Bananaman or Dumbledore?

To start my training on 1 March was, by accident, an auspicious one. It was on this day in 1599 that one Will Kempe danced his way to Norwich from London. Kempe was Shakespeare's first star clown with the Lord Chamberlain's Men. His was a 140-mile morris dance to Norwich accompanied by (we would hope) his friend, Tom the Piper. Together with pipe and drum he danced his way to Norwich. 

So popular was Kempe and news of his adventure that often he had to force his way through crowds to get to his lodging. He also attracted the attention of certain ladies en route: "a lusty lasse...I lookt upon her, saw mirth in her eyes, heard boldness in her words, and beheld her ready to tuck up her russet petticote...The drum strucke and forward marcht I with my merry Mayde Marian who shooke her fat sides and footed it merrily to Melford"

Who knows who I'll meet on the way!

Kempe's "Nine Daies Wonder", as it became known, actually took him 4 weeks - a little longer than me, but then he was dancing on the way...I may partake of a little Bhangra though...

Anyway my first long walk was completed from Woking to Guildford (6.5 miles) in 1 hour 42 mins. I should say that I am also enrolled at the gym to build up strength, stretch and test out which playlists are working best on my headphones.

Today, one week on and I completed my second walk along the same route, ad in the same time...this time listening to a podcast about The Comedy of Errors, once BBC Radio 4's Today programme had finished...interesting final piece on theatre heckling to finish off with I thought. 

Before I sign off today - a huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far and donated towards GSC's New Beginnings Campaign - your generosity is both humbling and inspiring. THANK YOU.

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